RapidQandA — the fastest way to create your quizzes and lessons from plain old text.

❔ What’s it for?

So what’s the point of RapidQandA then? There are loads of great online quiz generators out there: Kahoot and Quizizz for example. Surely, we don’t need another one?

RapidQandA is different. It has three distinct features:

What can I use it for?

These are probably the three main uses of RapidQandA:

Why would I want to play someone else’s lesson?

Perhaps it was sent to you as an assignment by your teacher. Perhaps, something in RapidQandA’s library (when it arrives 😉) interests you.

Why would I want to use it to create a lesson for someone else?

Perhaps you want to create a quiz about some topic for your students. You haven’t got much time, so you need a quick method. No need to worry about data protection or creating accounts. Your students will just be able to run the lesson file you send.

Okay! Why would I want to create a lesson for myself?

One reason might be to help you revise for a test. You can create a personal lesson to help drill a topic into your memory. You can also include questions to test your understanding as an alternative to using flash cards.