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🤐 Privacy policy

RapidQandA has been designed to run on your device without the need to create user accounts or provide any personal data. This document describes what data are stored by the application.

Collection of personal data

Data storage

Page caches

If available, the application makes use of the browser’s Cache Storage to save pages downloaded from the server. This makes the application start-up faster on subsequent uses and reduces data transmission.

Sharing results

Your scores for lessons are never stored on your device or transmitted to the server. If you do explicitly choose to share the results, only the lesson identification and scores are shared. No personal information is included in the shared results.

What actually happens with the results data if you choose to share it will depend on the service you choose. It isn’t transmitted to RapidQandA; it just get shared via the application you select. For example, you might choose to share it via WhatsApp™ or email. You will need to refer to the selected service’s privacy policy for information on how your results will subsequently be handled.

The following mechanisms for sharing results are provided. Not all devices support these features, so some options may not be available to you.

Sharing lessons

RapidQandA also provides you with the option to share lessons you create. RapidQandA doesn’t include any personal information in the lessons. Obviously, if you include personal information in a lesson you create, that will be shared if you share the lesson.

⚠️ As a general rule, don’t include personal information in your lessons. The only exception might be your name as the author of a lesson if you want to make clear your ownership of copyright.


If you contact me, either by email, contact forms or social media, to enquire about a product, site or for any other purposes, your contact details and communications may be retained for the legitimate interests of processing your enquiry, dispute resolution or legal defence. They will not be sold, used for any purpose other than responding to the enquiry, or passed on to any third party unless required by law or for legal defence. They will not be used for marketing purposes or any other purposes that would not be reasonably expected based upon the nature of the enquiry and subsequent communications.

If you contact me using the contact form, you will be providing information using a form powered by Google forms. Google’s use of the data is governed by their privacy policy.

You do not need to provide any contact details when using the form. If you do, your contact details will only be used as required to respond to any questions raised. Any personal data will be deleted once the issue or feedback has been processed and the data are no longer required for dealing with the initial contact or for legal purposes.

If contact is made to report a bug or request changes, a summary of the bug or request may be created and logged in the issues log for the software repository. Any personal information provided in the original contact will be removed before logging.

Third party privacy policies

Deleting stored data

No RapidQandA data are stored on the server; everything is stored on your local device. If you want to remove all stored data from your device, see the delete everything forever page for details.