RapidQandA — the fastest way to create your quizzes and lessons from plain old text.

🛈 About RapidQandA

RapidQandA is an application that has been designed to take plain text files and convert them into quizzes and lessons. We tend to refer to the resulting files as lessons rather than quizzes as they can be accompanied by lots of additional information to help students understand a topic.

So, where is RapidQandA?

If you’ve come here from RapidQandA’s help option, you probably know where to find it already.

If you’ve stumbled across this information while browsing and want to give it a go, launch RapidQandA

Who’s behind RapidQandA?

RapidQandA is an open source project written and created by Henspace and hosted on GitHub. The source code is available in the RapidQandA repository.

Term and Conditions

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Trademarks, logos and brand names

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What’s in a name?

If you came across this project early on, you may have seen it referred to as Text2Lesson. Great name, but it’s also used by some other products. To prevent any confusion, the application was re-branded as RapidQandA. Vestiges of the old name exist in some web addresses, so don’t let that worry you.