RapidQandA — the fastest way to create your quizzes and lessons from plain old text.

🏛️ The libraries

When you first launch RapidQandA, you’re presented with three libraries. Lessons can come from multiple places and these are the three main places you can find them:

Before we look at what’s in a library, here are some key terms to make sure we’re all on the same page

What’s in a library?

Lessons are usually contained in a library. The remote library contains a number of books, each of which is broken down into chapters, and then lessons. This simple structure is shown below

So to play a lesson from the remote library, you follow four simple steps:

  1. Select the remote library.
  2. Pick a book from the library.
  3. Pick a chapter in the book.
  4. Finally, pick a lesson from the chapter and play it.

RapidQandA will automatically skip some of those steps if there is only one option available.

The local library and file system are not broken down into books, chapters and lessons. They just contain individual lessons.

The learning trail

The next step is to look at some Example lessons.